Thursday, October 30, 2014

Chocolate and Romance

I'm reading a book entitled Stuff Matters by Mark Miodownik, a materials engineer and professor in London. The book itself isn't romantic at all, but it's a fascinating look at how the things we use came about as well as the chemical reasons they work in the way they do. The author takes a very personal approach, which makes the material understandable and fun. There are chapters on metals, paper, concrete, plastic, glass, graphite and others, but the one I just finished reading happened to be on chocolate.

I found it especially amusing when the author (a big chocolate fan) discusses his and his brothers introduction to Cadbury Flakes via an ad featuring a woman in a bathtub (they asked their mother if they might eat Cadbury Flakes while in the tub, thinking that a bit of chocolate would make bath time more bearable (the author was the youngest of three, and owing to the expense of energy when he was growing up, always had cold bath water by the time it was his turn). Instead, she insisted they stop watching the rather racy commercials. (Backfired a bit there, didn't it)? While I don't have access to Cadbury Flakes other than through specialty stores here in the U.S., the internet makes even older commercials accessible. (Apparently, Cadbury Flake commercials follow a rather sexual theme and one of them was even banned in places). Here's a montage of  clips:

Chocolate, it seems, has a reputation for running romantic/sensual ads (much like perfume). Here are two more:

For more on this (including one of the above ads), here's an article from a year ago on sexy chocolate advertisements. 

Perhaps all of this is because (according to a small study cited in the book) some people find chocolate to be more pleasurable than kissing. Interesting.

But I know people who don't care for chocolate at all. How about you? Chocolate or no chocolate?(It's a big yes for me). I'm a Dove woman.

Have a fantastic day!


Friday, October 24, 2014

I Can't Believe You Can Still Buy These...

My mother and I were discussing irons and ironing the other day (not a usual topic, since I rarely iron and have to hunt my ironing board down and dig it out from behind lots of stuff on the rare occasions when I use it). I remembered that when I was a child, my mom didn't have a steam iron, so she used an old glass soda (or pop or soft drink, if you prefer) bottle with a cork sprinkler insert in it to dampen the clothes. I assumed that those didn't even exist anymore, but apparently, they still do. Here's the newer plastic model of the one I remember.

Just fill any bottle with water, jam the cork in and sprinkle away. What could be easier? (My answer: buying clothing that doesn't need to be ironed, but then that's just me). 

Here's the whole vintage assembly available from an Etsy dealer:

Next, I'll find out that someone's still using these things! (The washer has a wringer to wring the clothes out, since there was nothing like a spin cycle. A stick was often used to feed the clothes in, so that fingers didn't get caught in the mechanism).

Have a wonderful day!

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