Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Keeping the Car With You at All Times

I'm not much of a car person. I like having ready transportation, but in the end, a car is just a convenience for me. Given a choice and no need to lug around big items, I'd choose a small one, because I once had one and you can park them anywhere. Unfortunately, with today's ginormous trucks and SUVs, driving a small car on the interstate would scare me. Too much danger of being smooshed by an aggressive driver in a big vehicle.

Still, this post isn't about actually driving a car. It's about looking at and displaying a car. Now, if I had this, I could put it anywhere. It almost looks as if it's small enough to drag around.

Image by Mark Wubben

But there are those who have serious cars and are serious about displaying them properly who have given their vehicles a place in their homes. So, what do you think? Fun? Not fun? Any plans to bring the family car indoors? Or buy a Maserati and store it in the living room? 
via Presurfer


  1. We have a small car, but no where near as small as this. For me a car is just a resource to use.

  2. I once had a Honda Civic back when they were small (and so many people didn't think of them as serious cars--this was before Honda made a name for themselves). I love the cuteness of little cars such as the Mini Cooper and the Smart Car and they look as if they'd be fun to drive, but yes, for the most part the car just serves a purpose for me.

  3. I drive a Buick LeSabre because it has the most leg room for passenger cars - and fits 5 comfortably, which we need with my mother-in-law most days. I have long legs (37") with arthritic knees, so bending my knees to get into the car is difficult, especially after an hour-long walk. I appreciate the hood and the trunk when I'm driving on the Interstate highways, but I appreciate the trunk space more when grocery shopping, as I stock up on bargains and don't want them visible on the backseat.

  4. Good point on packages being visible. I've had a hatchback type car (of various types) for many years. I like the fact that you can fit bigger, bulkier items, but keeping things out of sight when you're making multiple stops can be a problem.


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