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Babies and a Blue-eyed Man

Babies and a Blue-eyed Man by Myrna Mackenzie

Part of the Sweet Romance Collection

A man with a plan…

Sam Grayson needed someone to help his children heal from the pain of their mother’s abandonment. That much was certain. And since he would rather jump into an active volcano than get married again, he needed a babysitter extraordinaire. In other words, he needed every child’s best cheerleader and an acquaintance from his past. He needed Rachel Allyn.


A woman with reservations and regrets…

But Rachel knew that Sam’s simple plan would be a very bad idea for her. There would be nothing simple or easy about it. Given the way her meager relationship with Sam had transpired, walking into this man’s life and caring for his babies would be the worst kind of emotional obstacle course. She wanted to say no, to run. But she knew she wouldn’t do that, and she also knew that she would regret her decision…every day of her life.

4 stars -- "Myrna Mackenzie pens an intense love story fortified by gallant characters and just the right touch of tension." -- RT Book Reviews

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