Stand Alone Books


Old Fashioned  Romance

These are books that would be considered traditional romances, sweet romances or, some might call them clean and wholesome. Originally released as Silhouette Romances, they are sensual but contain no love scenes. From time to time, there might be some very mild cursing.

Secrets: The Rebel's Return
Book 1 in The Secrets Duo
Secrets: Prince Charming's Return
Book 2 in The Secrets Duo
The Baby Wish
A old fashioned romance by author Myrna Mackenzie
Babies and a Blue-eyed Man
An old fashoned romance by author Myrna Mackenzie
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Book 1 in the Wedding Auction Series
Book 2 in the Wedding Auction series
Book 3 in the Wedding Auction Series
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Harlequin-Silhouette Novels

Warm-hearted stories of love conquering adversity that can be read in a few hours.

Seasonal - A collection of novellas by three authors. 

Romances That Are Part of Multi-Book Collections

The romances in all these books are stand alone to supply a satisfying ending, but each book is part of a series (by multiple authors) with a larger story.

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