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Harlequin-Silhouette Novels

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When vulnerable ex-model, Ivy, signs on as a cowgirl for sexy rancher, Noah, she sees it only as a way to pay her debts. She doesn’t expect to fall in love or risk heartbreak whenever she sees his little girl. But the unexpected happens, and soon it’s time to run again.

Regina and Dell’s marriage was purely meant for convenience, but it’s anything but that. Do they dare to try to make it real? Dell isn’t sure, but he thinks that it’s finally time he give it one last try before they part ways. It’s definitely time to start dating his wife.

(Available in print only at this time).

Rachel has been dumped and stranded by her ex-boyfriend in a tiny Montana town. So when Shane Merritt offers her a part-time photography job on his ranch, she takes it. Soon she’ll have enough money to get out of town, but forgetting Shane won’t be so easy or quick.

Watch over a princess for the summer and keep her out of trouble? When reclusive rancher Owen’s friend asks him for a favor, he can’t say no. But he’s sure this means trouble. Delfyne is regal, gorgeous, kind, and dangerous to a cowboy’s heart. And she’s betrothed to another man!

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When Alexandra’s girl’s weekend in Vegas takes an unexpected turn, she ends up working for cool, unattainable Wyatt McKendrick, the resort’s owner. Love isn’t in Alex’s or Wyatt’s plans,  but this is Vegas, and sometimes the unexplainable happens…

Injured ex-soldier Dillon is stunned to discover he has a baby, and nothing has ever thrown him for more of a loop. He needs Colleen, rodeo queen and stand-in mom while Dillon was away, to give him lessons, but she knows tutoring Dillon will be more risky than riding a bucking bronco.

Etienne Gavard has just acquired an American company that needs saving, and he needs the help of someone local. Calling on quiet, invisible, reluctant employee, Meg, he offers her a deal. She’ll grant him her expertise, and he’ll inject a little French chic into her life...

Darcy has made a new life for herself after an accident that shattered her spine. Her job as a chef extraordinaire at Patrick Judson’s estate is temporary, but her gorgeous boss is intrigued by more than her fantastic meals. He wants to get to know her better, but Darcy can’t let that happen…

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Carson Banick, the family black sheep, holds his family’s future and fortune in his hands. He must marry a suitable woman and provide an heir. Beth Krayton, his feisty PA is determined to succeed on her own, without a man. They shouldn’t even be together, but fate has other ideas…

When her fiancé steals her inheritance, ex-heiress Genevieve has to get her first job. Difficult, attractive, maddening Lucas McDowell has plans for a women’s shelter and hopes she can help. Now if he can just ignore how appealing she is, he can get the job done and move on.

Parker is allergic to marriage, so inheriting a Vegas wedding chapel must be a joke. Daisy Lockett isn’t laughing. How dare he threaten to close down her business? She may be pregnant, but she can still battle this sexy stranger. Parker is tough, but has he met his match in Daisy? (Only available in print at this time).

When Ace Turner discovers his biological daddy was a powerful cattle king, he vows to meet his kin and claim his inheritance, but his plans go awry when sparks fly with hospital fund-raiser and love-shy single mom Crystal Bennett.   (From the Lone Star Country Club series)

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When Mick Hannon rescues a vulnerable woman going into labor, he never imagines it will change his life. He’s been secretly investigating some odd incidents at the clinic, but protecting Laura and her baby soon grows more important. Laura’s past might have some connection to his investigation, so can he trust her with his secrets? (from the Maitland Maternity series)

Connor Quinn, born blind, had been raised as an orphan, never knowing his origins as a child of Code Proteus. Creative and brilliant, an inventor, he’d shut himself away, never risking affection. But psychologist Alyssa Fielding challenges him to reveal the man behind the mask and discover his lost siblings. Can she reach him without risking herself? (Part of the Family Secrets series)

The Soldier, the Puppy and Me: Christmas is a difficult time for Trey, and it doesn’t help that his neighbor, Ella, and her adorable puppy, Fizz, seem determined to spread holiday cheer. (3 novellas in one book)

FBI Agent David Hannon’s plans for a quiet vacation in his hometown were upset by a murder investigation. And officer Gretchen Neal wasn’t making his nights peaceful either, as the case had them working together closely… (From the Montana Mavericks: Return to Big Sky series)

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Emmaline Carstairs is determined not to marry, but her Uncle Gilbert thinks Ryan Benedict is worthy of her love and pairs them up to restore an old hotel that Emma loves. Soon their daily contact has Emma and Ryan questioning their obstacles to being together, but when this project ends, will they find that their attraction was an illusion? (From the Shakespeare in Love series)

When journalist Natalie McCabe discovers trouble, she pursues it…until a murderer escapes jail and comes looking for her. Fortunately, her new bodyguard, Vincent Fortune, can keep her safe if she follows his rules…but sometimes she can’t. Vincent can’t figure her out, but he knows one thing: their attraction to each other is a problem. (From The Fortunes of Texas: Reunion series)

Merry has a mission from her godmother: reclaim her youth by being matchmaker to 21 couples. But this latest couple is trouble. Ex-ugly duckling Jackie discovers she’s the biological mother to rancher Steve Rollins’s child. Jackie wants 2 weeks visitation before walking away. How can Merry convince her to fight for the little girl—and the man who makes her feel beautiful?

Everyone knows that “no” is almost the sum total of cowboy Holt Calhoun’s vocabulary since his marriage ended, but single mom-to-be Kathryn won’t take no for an answer. She needs Holt, head of a powerful family, to help her save the local clinic. She sets Holt back on his spurred heels, and her baby’s early arrival flips his world upside down (the Larkville Legacy series)

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