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The Maid and the Millionaire M.D.

This book was originally published as The Maid and the Millionaire.


A man who craves solitude; a woman whose very presence means that’s never going to happen...


Anna Nowell wants above all things to adopt a child, but to do that she needs to keep her dream job taking care of a fabulous mansion. That seems like something she should be able to accomplish…until her boss returns and she realizes that Donovan represents challenges to both her livelihood, her dreams and her heart.


Wealthy Donovan Barrett was a renowned physician until his son’s tragic death made practicing medicine and functioning in society impossible. Now, all he wants is to retire to his estate and be left alone, but sunny, sweet, stubborn Anna plays havoc with his plans. He absolutely can’t risk love or children again, but resisting her is nearly impossible. Still, he intends to try to keep his distance and to succeed…he hopes

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