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Brides of Red Rose: Midas's Bride

Book 2 in the Brides of Red Rose Series

Pregnant and single Abigail Chesney doesn’t want love or passion or any of the romantic ideals marriage suggests, but she intends for her future child to have a father, the kind of caring father she never had. Her plan is to be totally practical and methodical in choosing a husband. That way no one will have unrealistic expectations or get hurt. So why is it that her heart only seems to beat faster in the presence of Griffin O’Dell, a man who nearly lost his son to a bad marriage and doesn’t intend to ever try love or marriage again?

As for Griffin, he definitely doesn’t want to be attracted to Abby. He’s only in town for a short time, his goals all pertain to his child and his business, he can’t be the kind of man she’s looking for, at all. And yet those lips of hers call to him, her voice makes him weak, and everything about her makes him want to be the man he can never be.

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