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Wedding Auction: Simon Says...Marry Me!

Copy #4 Simon Says - Floral - current co

Book 1 in the Wedding Auction Series

The bids were in, and she was his...for the summer.

Simon Cantrell needs a short-term fiancé, someone to take part in a very brief masquerade. But she has to be just the right type of woman, someone born to say no. Emily Cantrell, a schoolteacher who looks as if her backbone is made of steel, is just the ticket. She’s the woman he wants. And the beauty of the whole thing is…Emily volunteered for the charity auction. Her skills are for hire.


Too bad Emily has needs of her own, and chief on her list of needs is steering clear of handsome men who make a woman’s heart beat faster. She hadn’t really wanted to volunteer for the auction, anyway. Only the fact that the proceeds are for a good cause keep her from running off the stage. But when Simon looks her way, and the bidding begins, she knows that she’s made a major mistake. This summer job is going to rob her of her peace of mind if she lets Simon get under her skin. She just can’t let that happen…she hopes.

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