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Sloane's Cove Twins: Blind-Date Bride

There can't be anything worse than four matchmaking brothers, Tyler Westlake tells himself...unless it's falling in love with a woman he absolutely cannot have.

When twin Lilah Austin’s brothers start matchmaking, she decides she needs someone to help her put a stop to it, someone who will make other men back away. Tyler Westlake, a voice from her past seems perfect. He’s handsome, charismatic and in town only for the summer, so there can be no complications.


Tyler agrees. After all, the woman is helping him with some research and she’s being plagued by men who don’t even begin to deserve her. Moreover, both of them have agreed that this is just pretend and neither of them want more. Except…he really needs to kiss her, and he really needs to ignore the signs his heart is sending him. If he doesn’t, someone is going to get hurt.

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