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Sloane's Cove: The Billionaire is Back

If there's one thing Jackson Castle knows, it's that a man like him has no business getting involved with a woman like Helena Austin.

Jackson Castle has a soul-wrenching history with pregnant women, and he doesn’t plan to risk fate by getting involved with one again. So when one of his most crucial employees is injured and he discovers that beautiful, pregnant identical twin Helena Austin is the best (and only) substitute in this small Maine town, the situation is less than ideal. Helena agrees. She has an unfortunate—some might even say tragic--history with men, and she doesn’t plan to jump back into romance, now or ever.


For the moment, however, they need each other. The fact that Jackson wants his arms around her and that Helena dreams of his kiss every night can’t matter. They’re in a race against time, and all they have to do is hold on and wait. Soon enough, Helena’s baby will be born, Jackson’s business will be over, and they’ll both return to their respective lives without each other. At least that’s the plan… 

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