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The Baby Wish

Part of the Sweet Romance collection

She’s spontaneous, she’s messy, she’s chosen to live life on her own terms and…oh yes, she’s determined to have a baby. Too bad the man who would make a perfect father is a sexy play-by-the-rules guy who has no intention of making more babies…or falling in love with his bewitching temporary housekeeper.


Maureen O’Shay is a live-for-the-moment woman who has always wanted the joy of babies and children in her life, but without the complications and distress of love and marriage. Still, when she ends up working for businessman Gabriel Bonner, she can’t help noticing that he would make a perfect father…and that he’s totally out of reach and a danger to her battle-scarred heart.


As for Gabriel, he’s the polar opposite of Maureen, and she’s turned his world upside down. Discovering that she’s searching for a sperm donor makes him a little bit crazy. Knowing that he has solid and heartbreaking reasons he could never be that donor or the man to make her happy makes things worse, especially since he finds himself—reluctantly, undeniably—attracted to her.


It’s a complicated relationship, but there’s one thing that both Maureen and Gabriel agree on. If they’re not very careful, this is going to end badly.

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