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Her Millionaire, His Miracle

A millionaire on the cusp of losing his sight needs the help of a woman he’d never thought to meet again, a woman who had hoped he would remain an embarrassing chapter in her past.


Wealthy and powerful Jeremy Fulton is going blind. Eden Byars is the girl who’d been the poorest of the poor when they were growing up, the girl he’d never even noticed. They came from different worlds. They still live in different worlds, but now he needs her help on a humanitarian project that means more to him than anything he’s ever done. Above all, he wants to maintain his independence, but working with Eden means spilling his secrets and relying on her in a way he has never relied on anyone. And as he learns more of Eden, her hopes, her dreams, her plans, he can’t help but admire her, desire her, care for her. But he has nothing permanent to offer a woman like her. It’s an impossible situation.


As for Eden, she’s lived a difficult life and has lost everything. Working for Jeremy will enable her to earn enough to follow her dreams, but it’s also a wrenching situation. She had a terrible crush on him when she was young, and he didn’t even know she existed. Now she fears that history is repeating itself. She knows that this temporary job is all of him she’ll ever have. If she can just keep everything on a purely business plane, surely they can both get past this time together and continue on their separate paths. If only the darn man would just stop being so appealing…

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