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The Secret Groom

The Secret Groom, a sweet romance by author Myrna Mackenzie

Part of the Sweet Romance Collection

Release Date - Approximately October

All Ellen Rhoades wanted was to be an independent woman, judged on her own merits, but her out-of-touch boss liked his employees to be married. A promotion was at stake. So staid, excruciatingly correct Ellen closed her eyes, shut off her inhibitions, turned off her conscience and her common sense and did the unthinkable. She made up a fiancé.


Unfortunately, her fiancé wasn’t entirely pretend. Josh Hawthorne existed…in the real world and in countless women’s dreams. When he discovers that his ex-girlfriend’s former roommate is using his image and his name for a made-up engagement…well, what’s a fun-loving man going to do other than play along?


Soon Ellen is flustered, her emotions are tilting crazily, her promotion is even more at stake and her boss wants her and Josh to set a date. As for Josh, he can’t help wondering how Ellen fits into his plans when he never intends to marry.


Josh and Ellen soon realize they’re playing a dangerous game, one where someone is bound to end up with a broken heart. Too bad they don’t know how to get off the marriage train.

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