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Wedding Auction 2:

Bought by the Billionaire

1 - Bought by the Billionaire - final ve

Book 1 in the Wedding Auction 2 series

She’s born to be blue-collar; he’s a blue blood through and through. They’re not meant to meet and certainly not to love…until fate steps in.


Maggie Todd is no Cinderella, and she never wanted to be one. But when Ethan Bennington bids on her at a charity auction, then tells her that they have three weeks to turn her into a woman who can pass for an aristocrat at a high society ball, she knows she’s in trouble. This is not something she wants to be a part of, and when Ethan turns his charming smile on her, she’s sure she should run. But her soft heart won’t let her turn away from a man who is just trying to save his family’s business. She’s trapped by her own emotions…in ways that grow more dangerous the longer she stays with Ethan.

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