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Wedding Auction 2: The Billionaire's Bargain

2 - The Billionaire's Bargain - palest b

Book 2 in the Wedding Auction 2 series.


April is planning to choose a mate by purely scientific methods. Dylan’s goals exclude love or marriage or family. So being trapped together, taking care of two angelic imps for a few weeks shouldn’t pose a problem. They’ll face this methodically and unemotionally and when it’s over, they’ll say their goodbyes and that will be the end of their involvement with each other. If only he didn’t make her heart race. If only she didn’t make him wish for the impossible.


April Pruitt has spent a lifetime having the dangers of getting too emotional drilled into her. The women in her family have a history of making poor choices when it comes to men, and she intends to put a stop to that right now. She’ll marry and raise a family, but she’ll do it scientifically, based on facts and algorithms, leaving nothing to chance. Her plan for the charity auction was to simply offer her services as a math and science tutor. But disaster happens, mistakes are made, and she ends up being hired by Dylan Valentine to help him babysit his baby brothers. The fact that neither she nor Dylan know a thing about babies complicates the matter. The fact that Dylan makes her heart race and her senses stir in an entirely uncomfortable and unacceptable manner has her wondering how she’ll survive the summer without doing something she’ll regret forever.


As for Dylan, April wasn’t his first choice for this job…or even his twentieth. She’s too fragile and beautiful and the complete opposite of what he was looking for. But circumstances forced his hand, and here the two of them are. He intends to just make the best of things and muddle through. All he has to remember is that his plans don’t include love or romance or angelic babies. All he has to do is put his head down and get the job done, then move on. It seems simple, and it should be, but if it’s so simple, then why does his world tilt whenever April enters a room


When this book was originally published in 2002, it was simply titled The Billionaire’s Bargain.

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