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Wedding Auction 2: The Billionaire Borrows a Bride

The Billionaire Borrows a Bride - final

Book 3 in the Wedding Auction 2 series.


Kate and Spencer played together as children. Now, he needs someone to pose as his bride-to-be…temporarily. It’s just an act, a temporary relationship. Neither of them wants it to be more, and yet…things aren’t exactly going according to plan.


Kate Ryerson, a school nurse raising her late sister’s child, has learned to avoid emotional entanglements, so when Spencer Fairfield, a voice from her past, bids on her at a charity auction and wins the right to her time for three weeks, she’s nervous. Spencer wants her to play a part rather than use her nursing skills, and while his intentions are noble, she knows that he poses a danger to her “don’t be attracted to dangerous men” rule. As for Spencer, he’s spent a lifetime running from involvement. It’s why he needs Kate to convince his matchmaking grandmother that she doesn’t need to keep trying to find a wife for him. He wants his grandmother happy, but he also wants to stay emotionally whole. He’d thought that this charade with Kate would solve the problem. Instead, he can’t seem to keep his emotions in check whenever Kate and her cute little son are around. Clearly, he made a mistake when he hired Kate. He only hopes that the three weeks will pass quickly and he’ll be able to walk away from Kate without losing his heart.


This book's original title when published in 2002 was simply The Billionaire Borrows a Bride.

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