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Wedding Auction: At the Billionaire's Bidding

Book 2 in the Wedding Auction Series

This book was originally published as At the Billionaire’s Bidding.

A charity auction had seemed like such a good cause until Caroline O’Donald found herself for sale on the stage being sold to a man who was everything she wanted to avoid. Caroline no longer believed in happily ever afters. She didn’t want to even think about the topic of love. But Gideon Tremayne, her new employer, is the kind of man who turned even reluctant dreamers into women who considered diving into temptation. She’s dreading the next few weeks and counting the days until she can go back to her dull, safe little life. But she’s also spending too much time waking up from dreams of Gideon. This summer is turning into a total disaster.


Gideon thought that Caroline was just what the doctor ordered. He needed an organizer, a hostess and someone who could help him convince his matchmaking sister that she didn’t need to bother setting him up. He has no interest in marriage and no time to waste on love, but he also doesn’t want to hurt his sister who has suffered some serious setbacks in life lately. He needs someone with a delicate touch, someone like Caroline. And just as soon as Caroline helps him get his house in order and his sister back home, he’ll be able to get back to the one thing he concentrates on: his business. Too bad he seems to have made a serious miscalculation. Because every time Caroline walks into a room, business is the last thing he finds himself concentrating on…

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