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June 26, 2019 - I've been working on editing and getting the first three books of The Wedding Auction series ready for publishing. The covers are below, and links are now live. What fun this has been!

Copy #4 Simon Says - Floral - current co
Copy #3 of At the Billionaire's Bidding.
Copy #3 of Contractually His - Shutterst

October 28, 2018 -  I've made some minor changes to two of my earlier linked books and also created new covers. Here are the new editions of The Secrets Duo.

Optimized Copy of The Rebel's Return - O
Optimized Copy of Prince Charming - Oct

February 10, 2018 - Sometimes a person just needs a change. My book, The Wish List, has had 2 covers since I republished it several years ago. Here's the third one. I'm a big fan of blue...and lacy snowflakes...and soft lighting. I'm pretty happy with it.

June 15, 2017 - I was thinking about bookcovers the other day. This cover for Angel Eyes is still my favorite. It's a great cover for a book that has a bit of a paranormal element, but is predominantly a romance.

On Facebook and Twitter, I like to share some of my favorite reading and book quotes. Here are some of the ones I've posted recently. I hope you enjoy them! Update: Since this post, I've posted many more. Find them on my Facebook page.


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