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Heading 2

I've been updating the website and added a new section on News & Discounts. I'll try to stay on top of changes in price on the various bookseller websites. I'm also beginning work on getting the Women of Red Rose series edited and uploaded, so hopefully that will happen soon. 
Happy reading, everyone!


Originally released as The Billionaire is Back and Blind-Date Bride, I've added the series title Sloane's Cove Twins to each book. I'm a big fan and have been a frequent visitor to Maine, and these stories of twin sisters who find love in unexpected places are both set there.

Sloane's Cove Twins - The Billionaire is Back.jpg
Sloane's Cove Twins Blind-Date Bride ver. 3.jpg

Her Millionaire, His Miracle 

A millionaire on the cusp of losing his sight needs the help of a woman he’d never thought to meet again, a woman who had hoped he would remain an embarrassing chapter in her past.

The Maid and the Millionaire M.D.

(originally titled The Maid and the Millionaire)

A man who desperately pursues solitude is thrown together with a woman whose very existence means that’s never going to happen