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Available Again!

I'm thrilled to announce that Her Millionaire, His Miracle is once again available as an ebook. It's always been one of my favorites.

The Maid and the Millionaire M.D. was originally titled simply The Maid and the Millionaire when it was published by Harlequin.  It's now available again as an ebook.

The books in the Wedding Auction 2 series are also finally available again as ebooks. While the stories are loosely linked, they can all also be read alone and in any order. For more information, click through to the Wedding Auction 2 series page, or click directly to any of the books below. It's taken me awhile to get them back up and running, so I hope you enjoy!


1 - Bought by the Billionaire - final ve
2 - The Billionaire's Bargain - palest b
The Billionaire Borrows a Bride - final

Perpetually 99¢, I think...


While clicking around the bookstores a few months ago, I realized that Her Sweet Talkin' Man was listing for 99¢ for the ebook version on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble sites. That price seems to have stuck, something I'm happy about, because this book was originally only available online in paper, never in stores. Now, more people will have a chance to read it.

Sweet Talkin.jpg

Wedding Auction series

The Wedding Auction series was originally published as three related books with no series title. Now that they're available again (as ebooks at this point), I've added the series title. Though related, they can all be read as stand alone books. For more information, go to the Wedding Auction series page or simply click through to the individual books.

Copy #4 Simon Says - Floral - current co
Copy #3 of At the Billionaire's Bidding.
Copy #3 of Contractually His - Shutterst

The Secrets Duo books are $1.99 each!

The two Secrets Duo books were originally published separately, even though they are closely related. Secrets: The Rebel's Return was originally published by Silhouette Books as The Scandalous Return of Jake Walker, and Secrets: Prince Charming's Return was originally simply Prince Charming's Return. These two books are one of the rare examples of my older books that should be read in order, since the events of book two hinge on events in book one (although if you read book two first, you won't be confused. It can stand on its own).

I hope you enjoy the books and the bargain!



Optimized Copy of The Rebel's Return - O
Optimized Copy of Prince Charming - Oct

The Wish List and that cover!

Sometimes a person just needs a change. My book, The Wish List, originally published as The Daddy List back when I was writing for Silhouette Books, has had 2 covers since I republished it several years ago. Here's the third one. I'm a big fan of blue...and lacy snowflakes...and soft lighting. I'm pretty happy with it.


Angel Eyes still has one of my favorite covers.